Ranunculus Farm Bunch


The Ranunculus have earned their keep on our farm! These blooms unfurl their layers and layers of petals, and are incredibly long-lasting for looking so dainty and delicate. Enjoy these show-stopping spring flowers for well over 12 days, with proper care!

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The Ranunculus have shown out this spring, producing hundreds of beautiful, ruffly blooms! We selected a few new varieties of Italian-bred Ranunculus to grow this year, including Giallo, La Dolce vita Mix, Bianco, Clementine, and more! These 10-stem bouquets are carefully harvested and bundles in brown butcher paper. It is best advised to properly dispose of the packaging, place the flowers in a clean vase with fresh water, and change the water daily for maximum vase life!

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Clementine, Giallo, La Dolce Vita Mix, Mixed Variety


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