Welcome flower lovers!

A Floral Adventure

The original farm  – three tiers of summer annuals, perennial bulbs, corms, and tubers, spanning over a tenth of an acre.

What started as a backyard lemonade-stand style farm business, quickly evolved into a four-acre flower farm, floral design creative expression space, and community-building tool.

Sun Dragon Flower Farm LLC originated as an avenue to accomplish three things: express a passion and craft for cultivating flowers, develop and install unique floral designs for clients, and positively influence the community with flowers that tell a story.

In 2019, the original production efforts for the farm spanned about a tenth of an acre and included vibrant summer annuals.  This year in 2020, Rachel Baran, the farm owner and sole farmer for Sun Dragon Flower Farm, has purchased four acres of land to expand all facets of Sun Dragon’s community presence and farm production. There are lots of exciting features of the farm that will be launched in 2020, including a flower subscription program, farmer’s market appearances, and more!

Thank you for supporting your local farmer, locally grown products, and new adventures for Sun Dragon Flower Farm!

Zinnias, Snapdragons, Cosmos, and Dahlias – some customer favorites of the 2019 season!